Art for Art’s Sake

For me, the level of artistry was how I defined how significant a piece of artwork was or is…(presumably my own). I would always be dissatisfied when the formalities would not align the way I’ve imagined them to. Often leaving most of my pieces unfinished, because it just didn’t “seem” right.

So here’s my notion to that…


In order to move on, I needed to release and let go…with that said here is a visual ode to the end of an era.


No Fluff…

I use to go by the “handle” dannirebelle…but she was just made of fluff…

But before I get too far ahead of myself let me explain who dannirebelle was intended to be. Light years ago I reassured myself that all my fears and anxieties would go away if I created an alter ego.

An alter ego that would push plain ole Dannielle towards her purpose. However, the intention was not consistent.

So with that said. I’m here as just Dannielle. No fluff, no alter ego…just me.